Baldacci Briefs at the Supreme Court

Notified today by the U.S. Supreme Court; that my case: Arthur Mullen, Petitioner v. Maine Department of Health and Human Services, et al.will be distributed for conferencing by the Justices on September 29, 2018. The Mullen case involves a challenge to a parental termination decision by a state District Court in York County, Maine when the Judge on her own motion took away the father's court appointed attorney for 8 months of the entire child protection process in violation i(n our opinion)n of due process. The Maine Supreme Court upheld the decision but did admonish the judge for taking this action without sufficient due process. We are still aways from getting cert- and could easily be turned down- but we have crossed several thresholds just to get to this point.I am very proud of my whole staff and especially my office's Eugene Sullivan and Jeremiah Rancourt.